Artikel Nova Cura
Article Nova Cura
Shipping company Nova Sea Transport and supplier Luykx Ultrasound BV are starting an innovative project, in which research is carried out into an ultrasonic system that prevents fouling on seagoing vessels […]

AA Rapport
report test Nova Cura after six months […]

Brochure TNO
TNO brochure about MIC (microbiological influenced corrosion […]

Final report of an inspection of the Nova Cura, after 2 years of sailing with USAF […]

Literatuurstudie universiteit Utrecht
Literature study of the effects of ultrasound as a sterilization method […]

Project: Passenger vessel Sweden, running during day, during night in harbor
Two sea chests with USAF™ []
NIOZ test easy release coating in combination with USAF (ultrasound antifouling) []
Anti-fouling legislation looks set to bring about the demise of copperbased
hull coatings, but what might replace it? []
It is one of the shipping industry’s major problems: marine organisms like barnacles, algae or muscles
quickly cover the hulls of ships and damage their paintwork []
Some countries are threatening to ban the use of copper []
Biocides based on copper (II) hydroxide are fatal if inhaled, cause serious eye
damage and can be harmful if swallowed []