• No product failure due to congested drip lines

  • Fast payback time due to less downtime

  • Maintenance free

  • Relatively low investment

  • Also applicable for very large pools

  • No risk of blowing up tarpaulin (cover)

  • AlgaStop fights bacteria, fungi and viruses in addition to algae

Spores of algae occur everywhere in nature, mostly on trees. These germs enter the basin water via the air or roof of the greenhouse. The extent to which they enter the basin water depends on the season and the location of the pools.

As soon as the spores reach the water, they will develop into algae. Once in the water algae can multiply quickly and cause many problems such as clogged filters and drip lines. The AlgaStop continuously combats these algae. As soon as new spores (algae) get into the water, they are immediately destroyed by the effects of cavitation. Already applied many times.