Healthy swimming without chlorine

The vibrations of the PoolSound clean the pool in two ways.
Bacteria or algae can enter the water from the air or swimmers. As soon as bacteria or algae enter the water, they are attacked and rendered harmless by the PoolSound.

As a result, the bacteria no longer have a chance to form a biofilm on walls.
The biofilm can therefore no longer be used by the bacteria to multiply.
Scrubbing to keep the walls free from a dirty slime attack is no longer necessary.
Normally chlorine or another chemical is used to combat this attack.
It is well known that chlorine is very unhealthy.
The PoolSound replaces these fabrics and keeps the walls clean. No chlorine or other chemicals that threaten the health of the swimmers.
The killed algae and bacteria are not removed from the water. These must be filtered out by a good filter installation. A sand filter is not enough. Consideration can be given to an ultraviolet filter with sufficient capacity.


The PoolSound is easy to place in the pool. There are various versions. The PoolSound must be switched off during swimming. Because the PoolSound spreads the sound waves throughout the pool, all corners and holes of the pool are cleaned.

Public swimming pools

For public swimming pools, it has been legally established that a certain amount of free chlorine must be present in the water, despite the health risks that are becoming increasingly known. However, the PoolSound can also provide a solution for public swimming pools. By using the PoolSound during the absence of swimming, less chlorine is required to meet the legal requirement. By keeping the biofilm on walls away, fewer bacteria will be produced, so that less chlorine is needed.

For private swimming pools the legal requirement of a minimum amount of chlorine does not apply.